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Peter Sloan Teaches How to Troubleshoot PC's: Become a PC Technician (Sloan Teaches Book Series 1)



Chapter 1: Getting Certified There are many certifications that can make you a home P.C. Technician repair man. The CompTIA A+ Certification in one of them. Another one I picked up on the job was CISCO LinkSYS wireless tech. There are more certifications than that. Working for the cable company you can get an on the job Risc 3 certification for cable box repair. HomePNA.org offers certificates to become a home cable repair man perfect for freelance clients. CompTIA offers a Network+ exam on wired and wireless networks, Microsoft Offers exams in a variety of operating systems going all the way back to Windows NT. Dell offers at home online courses for teaching yourself how to diagnose computer problems, one of them called the Dell Diagnostic Engineer Training program, for $200 for one year. For keeping track of your own clients I recommend taking classes in Microsoft Office Word Excel Outlook Access and also PowerPoint. I use excel and PayPal to invoice my clients, Outlook for keeping track of my client contacts, Word for writing new email scripts to prospective clients, and PowerPoint for making presentations and shows. Access is for the database end. You can achieve excellence in office with an Office Specialist certification from Certiport.com They offer certificates in Adobe Applications as well. Good websites to visit, Microsoft.com/Learning, CompTIA.org, Certiport.com, Cisco.com


A+ Certified in PC Repair, Network+ Certified in Networking Devices, Windows XP Certified, LinkSYS Certified in Wireless Routers, Dell Certified System Expert Expert on Printers, if you have an office and need about 20 printers worked on over a two week time frame,   JULIA SLOAN New York, NY 10036 347-451-1154 Also Published September 2009 and I can stay on as a regular or evening and flexible hours contractor. Pay Rate $50 per hour. The minimum for a site visit is $55, $50 for 1st hour of work $5 car fare not pro-rated.

Servicing Local NYC Area Fax  and printer cartridge configuration  Fax Machine Install and Configuration. Fax settings/ Microsoft Fax Wizard configuration & e-fax configuration and troubleshooting, Also using the Add New Printer Wizard.   ·         Certified in both local and Network printers  ·         Certified in Fax Install and Configuration  ·         Know how of print servers using both WINS and DHCP  ·         Have changed 1,000’s of printer cartridges with zero errors  ·         Also have good knowledge of Xerox and photo copy machine ·         Scanning Office Documents as well as good experience with digital archives  ·         Creating PDF documents from E-fax or standard printed fax.


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