Sloan's Book Press, Peter, Julia & Kitty

Lessons fall into 3 categories

Chess lessons with National Master Titled Chess Player Julia Elizabeth Sloan. She has been in the top 100 group of women's list since 2002.

She has International title as well but prefers to compete for men's titles rather than accept a curve.

Rates are as follows and these rates have not changed in years,

$40/ hr negotiable summer time chess at the park ( preferably 4 lessons paid at a time via google wallet up front. Please inquire for my payment info because posting it online causes a spam flood freeze of the merchant account )

$12/ hr any time of the year telephone lessons or on where I am a titled player with a diamond membership. My user name is MoreChessJulia.

$60/ hr negotiable at your home or at a coffee shop during the colder months ( also preferably 4 lessons billed at one time )

( $60 winter time rate increase because we cant sit out there all day because it is too cold so rates increase in the winter )

Just call home office: 347-451-1154 personal cell: 347-455-2547 or come visit me at the park

Web Design and Adobe Photoshop lessons by a Microsoft Certified Professional an Alumni of Art and Design HS, NYC, NY, Cooper Union School of Visual Art and Design where I was annexed to S. U. N. Y. Purchase having an on the books disability needing less commute time so I could live on campus.

Attained a Bachelors of Fine Arts in 01/2003, MOS 01/2009. Completed the Full Bright Teaching Fellowship from 1995-2005.

Rates are the same as chess. $20/ hr summer time, $12 over the phone, $60 winter time in person with a commute ( $60 winter time rate increase because we cant sit out there all day because it is too cold so rates increase in the winter )

Just call 347-451-1154 or come visit me at the park

I recently played in the F. I. D. E. World Rapids and Blitz Chess Championship in Qatar, in the Persian Gulf.