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Business Name:Ishi Press International
First Name:samuel
Middle Name:howard
Last Name:sloan
Address:1664 davidson
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State:New York
Country:United States
Zip Code / Route:10453
Phone Number:9176593397

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Sam Sloan has this gruesome website appearing in my google search appearing in my google search stalking all of my keywords under my former name Peter Aravena. He is obsessed with the fact he lost custody when I was 1 ears old and adopted by Mr Arnold Aravena. Just one google search for exmple is "Peter Aravena Day Care" while my cartoons and chess book show up so does this article Sam Sloan stole from the William McKinnely dean's office when I was growing up. Sam Sloan was trespassing when he stole the article from the school records. This article appears under Sam Sloan in which is perjured by Sm. "On April 3, 2008, posts appeared on USENET, apparently placed by Mr. Sloan, claiming that some of his websites had been closed down by law enforcement in Amherst County, Virginia, " The fact of the matter is Sam Sloan filed a law suit to harass his 2nd or 3rd wife down there and she being deceased I filed a complaint as well as Mary and Shamema Sloan removing his website. Sam Sloan is past due for paying me a $40000 per year sallary since 2000. His articles infringe on the content of the work I promote. His articles appear to have scared away my current wife from promoting our internet business together as Tranny Strips selling videos online. Sam appears to be infatuated with writing bout the 9 childrn he neer paid a damn dime of child support or. I have a lawyer at Robert Santoriella PC ready to take this to court. I have psychiatrist Dr. Jessica Pacannuayan that can testify these articles of Sam Sloan's are not healthy. Last but not least this article of mine infringes on my copyrights to 1. Insane magazine which spawned the hit band Indecision that Justin Brannan and I put together. His website has a software that downloads all of the business email incoming to my business without any signed residuals agreement. One single contact being stolen without a signed residuals agreement is an a felony being I have confirmed this all with my consultant I work with being employed in the federal military sector of a bank myself since 1999 although I have branched off into a post office business since 01/2010 please remove I can bring my psychiatrist to any required court dates although the lawyer Robert wants a 10k retainer which I have not been able o afford being on a fixed income.

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have to look but the most recent one being to a police officer from the 70th pct Brooklyn when I called for help because my mother got an unwelcome package from Sam Sloan's catalog t 693 e 18th st booklyn for which I could not show upporting doumntation, but the officer that responded also has an internet business that is infringed on but compliments mine.

Sloan's Book Press, Peter, Julia & Kitty


A+, Net+, MCP
S.U.N.Y. Purchase Class of 2003, F.I.D.E. 2230, New Horizons C.L.C.
Department of Education Chess & Dell 2003 - 2008

Work Experience

While at the World Trade Center Liberty Park chess club 1998 - 2012 giving out flyers 2013 - current for his 9/11 book , nick named by the F. D. N. Y. Peter Swan because in the signature on his drawings the letters "L" and upward stroke in his "O" make a "W" spelling "Swan".

Peter really liked poker, ponies and prostitutes on his days off of work. A public debate started mostly in NY subway's if Mr. Schwartz license as a para need be disclosed how come Peter's wasn't in his 2003 NY Times article for winning the Foxwood's 2003 U2200 Annual Chess Championship 1st place, being the first transgender to win the U. S. Women's Chess Championship under the alias Anna Hahn in the same year Peter did not even have to state his legal name. To make a long story short about someone else's legal problem it turned out for 2008 Peter was on a low pay grade as a Methodist Church urchin employed at the Ford Foundation, United Nations, Department of Education Dell Computers Inc. and New York Law School ( where the DOE finds free lawyers ) helping with President Obama's Democratic Campaign. And we all united under one umbrella although excluding Mr. Schwartz and his disclosure ( which we believe to be because Mr. Schwartz gambled illegally while still in a school job which in not a crime just a huge social disgrace in any chess club being called a "pee wee". ) and agreed poker rules, but only if you stay in school. Ever have to go to court over poker bring your tax returns and proof you are in school and your case will be dismissed no problem.

Peter upon finishing the last year of his 9 year term was tipped off by his friend Mike Layevskiy to take the China Town NY Bowery bus to Atlantic City one late night that late December of 2008 with only $55 cash to play, got off the bus ans hit the max bet button on 5 cents blazing 7's at Bally's Casino  and won 20,000 credits in his fourth spin ( = $1,000 ) and was not only retired but had officially popped his gambling cherry. Peter had not been able to go out and play since 2005 when Mayor Bloomberg passed the city wide poker ban. Before then he had one brief visit in 2001 still being in college but had a week off because of the 9/11 terror attacks, and went for a day trip to Atlantic City Taj Mahal, which was a low stakes $3-6 game which everyone lost. Peter also went away to his Cousin Mark Matulis wellness clinic and alternative medicine, quitting drinking through an allergy test and eating less bread/ more rice and cutting down on salt. Peter got to meet all the great stars and noticed none of these guys come close at precision of making straight/ flush/ straight flush hands as NY's gin rummy professional's at Washington Sq Park. Although most of them learned Gin Rummy in the prison system, but god bless em' those guys sure know how to show down a hand.

Peter started chess in 1992 at Washington Sq park. His friend Junior June, personal body guard and trainer to this day took Peter to The Village Chess Shop for the dual purpose of avoiding truancy cops at the age of 13 and 16 respectively and staying indoors for added security at the low rate of $1/ hr. Peter had an initial reference at The Village Chess Shop from his dad Sam Sloan but did not know it yet. Peter also did not know that was the 20th anniversary of the 1972 World Chess Championship won by Bobby Fischer of Brooklyn, NY. His dad had only passed on the torch the year before. Read Peter's chess book about the history of where to NY Chess Since 1972. Please don't spam opposing teams to NY Yankee's, NY Giants, bad feedback points, chess is mostly designated for children. We don't spam foul mouth spam in the children's area.

With this much success in 2003 Julia was invited to participate in the 2009 Microsoft Office Testing Center Math Olympics on behalf of New Horizons C.L.C. She scored 900+ on Outlook and also certified in PowerPoint. The team neared if not accomplished a bronze.

**Note to the readers.** Sam is just Spam. Please ignore this man.

Peter Sloan quoted at the 2014 Siquefield Cup Chess as being a good author. Peter Sloan chess is promoting. "Sam Sloan no pay we are trying to ignore this guy" Jennifer Shahde also a former U. S. Woman's Champion excluding myself in 2003 under the name Anna Hahn, which I already stated in court by my advertising agreement with the U.S.C.F. because I did not have a female name.

Thank you for presenting my case against Sam Sloan for non payment as suitable for civil suit. The amount I got approved as the minimum by Robert Santoriella P.C. and Feldman Kramer and Monocco is a past due salary since 2000, totaling a minimum of $640,000 for a Jr Designers Salary except I got promoted in 2005 to Sr Designer which we will calculate later as well as the interest rates.

My lawyers and private investigators caught onto the thread that proving the statements which I cannot because I don't have them was just a ploy of Sam Sloan as usual. We cracked the case.