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About Dr. Julia Elizabeth Sloan

Work experience -

U.S. Navy Private for 11 years - Seal Aquanotics Division - Honorably discharged 2008 - Retired 2010

#2 Women in the country at blitz chess according to #16 at slow chess according to 

CEO/ Author & Designer at Sloan's Book Press Inc. publishing books since January 2010.


1. Adopted and raised by the Aravena family
2. Brooklyn Museum Art School 1991, Brooklyn, NY 
3. Art and Design HS Class of 1996 with a gold seal in illustration and regents, New York, NY 
4. Cooper Union Saturday O.U.T.R.E.A.C.H. Program 1996-1997, 1997-1998 New York, NY
5. National Master & Life Master Title Awarded by the United States Chess Federation 2001 
6. Employee of S.U.N.Y. Purchase College Library Center for Instructional Resources 2001-2002 
7. S.U.N.Y. Purchase College Class of 2003 
8. Part time consultant to a full time classroom teacher 1997-2006
9. Employee of ICC, NYC Merge Center which raised money for Dell Computers Inc. 2008
10. Microsoft Office Specialist 2009 
11. Microsoft Office Testing Center Math Olympics 2009 on behalf of New Horizons C.L.C.
12. Conferred O.I.T. for courts by New York Law School 2009
13. Proud member of The Church of Jesus Christ and Later Day Saints


I have a number of licences that operate at a hospital you stated to the judge only books and budgets. I have done no books in the last year except stating over and over again to one friend of mine to stop spending my money after all since Jan of 2014 all of us get $808 Gina Veltre and I as equals she currently owes me $240.50 which I did not charge her rent or electricity for over 3 months..
Here are a few
I was a student of the State Police of New York Counseling Center at Purchase College from 1999-2002 which treats rape victims pot and alchohol WE DO NOT COUNSEL NARCOTICS.
In Art Therapy I have 10+ vocational technical and conservatory art training which got me published since 2010 at Amazon.
No I do not offer assistance with any proprietary stuff to girls at TEP other than getting discounts storing all there music in there Amazon MP3 cloud player because in low income housing our worst nightmare is losing our music and documents. Apple was a competitor before and I was afraid to bring it up as not to offend the iPhone crowd but now we not only have unlimited Prime Music and free shipping since May Prime Music also for only $99 per year. Provided you have a checking account and access to a post office by opening a seller account. I did not recommend any product to that girl in TEP we were asked about except for one thing because she pleaded for advise while her TEP mother told me to shut up but I think she wrote it down GET A PRE-PAID CARD AND LINK IT TO WALLET.GOOGLE.COM/MERCHANTAND START MAKING SOME MONEY. I really hope she got the message.