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Includes 1 Year web Hosting and Domain Name Please Have Your Microsoft Word Document Typed Up In Advance and Your Images All Ready To Be Sent VIA Email. The Web Site will be Broken Down Into a Bunch Of Categories with Either a Horizontal Menu with Sub Categories or a Vertical Menu. The Web Site Will Be online Within The First Business Day We Order The Domain Name – We Can Easily Accommodate Domain Forwarding From Your Previous Service but Ordering a New Domain is the Easiest Way To Go Also Having a New Domain Name Ordered Through My Service Makes it Fool Proof For a Business Partner to Try and Cancel Your Web Site Before the Year Is Over. Not Only That There is No Re -occurring Billing to Compromise Your Domain. Believe me, That is Based on Eight Years Experience that Web Sites do not make it there Entire First Year Because of Either Billing The Card or Inter Business Decision Against Having a Web Site at All. Ordering Through My Service Has One Extra Perk, WHILE THE Domain and Email and Everything is Your’s, Your Business Partner Will Not Be Able to Look Up the Point-of-Sale Purchase and Try to Cancel The Entire Thing, a Matter of Fact I would Recommend Not Even Tipping Off Your Business Partner That You Even Ordered a New Web Site. Unless he performs a “Who is registry search of the entire World Wide Web” which is Very Easy to do Just Not Something Your Business Partner Will Think of First Thing in the Morning. All of my Clients Are Confidential and the Few Examples of Work I Give Seen Below are of a few of my Office Live Web Sites, but Never Post Someone Else ’ s Web Site on the Web Unless it is Someone Like my Own Uncle Whose PowerPoint Web Site.  I will Copy and Paste in the Text on Each Page, Email me Over the Logo and Graphics. We will Discuss Over The Phone the New Categories for the Web Site. Most clients change there mind a Few Times While We Make the Site and The Categories are Very Easy to Re-name.   EMAIL ACCOUNT CONFIGURATION--- For Example my Dad and Myself Have The Rights to Bobby Fischer’s “My 60 Memorable Games” so I Made This Web Site  The email to this site is That email is forwarded to a Gmail Account I Created  Now When I hand Over The Site When We Are Done and The Passwords – All you Need to do is Strip Out the Email Forwarding to Your Own Primary Email Which Ever That May Be, and the Gmail Account of Course is Yours to Keep but Most People Stick with The Following Equation   Then We Add the Contact Info to Each Page and Create the ‘Contact Us’ Page   Here is a second Example   Domain Name: Email Address: Gmail: And of Course I added links for Payment as well. Pro Store Account Configuration Sold Separately.   It is Great if you Already Have your Text Copyright but I use This Formula for My Clients ‘Company Name Sloan Teaches © Copyright Symbol and the Year 2010’   And we are about done. The Site Can Add a Few Extra Things Domain

Microsoft PowerPoint Websites $399

Order Today!!! PowerPoint Web Sites for a Flat Fee $399  Once this auction closes, Email us your Microsoft Word Documents typed and proof read in advance.  Complete a few simple forms answering questions as to what pages of text to display and which domain name you would like.  Images will be added in at your request  Our techs will take care of having the documents avaliable online.  you web site will be done within 15 business days of first receiving the Word Documents Via Email A typical presentation consists of Bodies of text, checked for spelling errors and then broken down into the following  All pages of text are formatted often bulleted  Columns can be broken into charts and diagrams  Corners of the text boxes are aligned. This a common reason to hire a professional  Many of my clients prefer to use page headers and titles at the top of each slide  Charts diagrams and images are optional, and we use clip art for place of photos  It is always recommended to place contact info with a company phone number  I can also incorporate email and website links into the document  Page footers are highly recommended, stating the Inc and or copyright info  And the logo is placed. On every client the very first slide shows the logo You Domain name will be purchased. $15 of the $399 is for the domain. $100 of your purchase is reserved for one year of web hosting. If you have already have web hosting then $100 will be refunded on PayPal or Google Wallet. The remainder of the money is for my service as the PowerPoint Designer and is non-refundable. And we are done. You have a PowerPoint web site all ready to go by Julia Sloan Microsoft Office Specialist.


PDF Layout and Graphics Work

PDF document creation work in my own home office $50 per hour Pre-Paid PDF designer through my online order web site. Click to Order 5 hours Pre -Paid PDF Document Creation of Your Company Brochure for a flat fee of $199 thats over %20 off. Click to See One Here, Order a Company Brochure for a Flat Fee $199 includes graphic design work, final version in format for the printer including working with the printer over the phone if requested by the client. Pay the $199 one time and you will be all set up with your brochure for your office's next mailing campaign. You can see on the Federal M G Brochure Click Here to ViewEach Brochure has:          3 Panels Two Folds           Front and Back           Front page correlated for the first viewer           Room for one photo on each panel           One page set aside for mail to address & stamp  Please clients have your document text typed into Microsoft Word when you place your order. With one quick email to send over the word document and include images you would prefer to use.
PDF Layout $15 /hr work at home $20 /hr at your office.Peter Sloan and his team of highly skilled Microsoft Office Specialists at your service. Ask for Julia (347) 451-1154 While I do not yet have Adobe Application Specialist Certification, BFA in Graphics Bachelors in Graphic Design and New Media PDF link also made by Pete, one of our services otherwise difficult to find the right web site programmer that can create the PDF link in itself. If you need a PDF link for your office, call Peter at (347) 451-1154 My last client ordered a PDF Brochure, which needed two folds, Front displaying a logo and the back displaying a space to type in the postal address. Client name: Federal MG Address near Chambers Street, New York, NY Business: Mortgage Modifications for a hard economy Click here to View the brochure. And my last client to boot that needed a PDF archive for her website Kathy Witham R.N. I made Kathy these nice PDF links viewable such as this one or view on my web site Click Here While she does not need a web site person and her PDF docs are taken care of  JULIA SLOAN New York, NY 10036  she has a wonderfull weekly class on taking care of her family taught by Kathy whom is an R.N. 

​​Wireless Internet Configuration

Does your office need wireless internet installed and configured? Minimum $55 per call. by Julia Sloan, certified in A+Network+ by CompTIA. The office had purchased three laptops and needed to configure them to access the wireless internet. As the wireless tech for the office, I logged into the router IP address, which is usually the same as the computers gateway, logged in with the default user name and password for the router (router passwords can be reset as well if modified and later forgotten). Access the c-panel for the router, and went to the tab for security settings. Changed the password, and then typed in the new password in all four laptops in the office, which all had immediate access to the LinkSYS router. dsl service networking  Does your office already have internet service active, but you cannot connect your new computers? DSL and Cable internet configuration, including wireless networking  by Julia Sloan A+ and Network+ Certified by CompTIA $55 minimum. Always have your service providers information available. As a tech I am very accustomed to talking over the phone while working on an office computer. Have the serial number of the router or other device ready, and if purchased within the last year, you will be able to have telephone support. I became a LinkSYS level 3 tech like this, over the phone talking to LinkSYS while working on my home router, passed a telephone quiz, and was given my LinkSYS tech to tech ID number.  Does your office need service pack 3 and updates installed for your Windows XP computers? Service packs and updates as well. ​Do you need to connect both Windows Vista, 7, 8 and XP to the internet? Do you have a lot of working Windows XP computers and simply cannot figure out Windows Vista, 7 or 8?   Account configuration, internet configuration, and also wireless internet by Julia Sloan A+ Certified in Microsoft Windows XP and Vista and CompTIA certified in Windows 2000 Operating Systems. Do you need to configure your employee computers to all have emails downloaded on there office computer? Do you need to configure your computer, tablet or phone to download office email as well? Email Account Configuration in Microsoft Outlook, Outlook express and an expert in many other email platforms. Julia Sloan, Certified by Microsoft in all versions of Outlook.

​How to cut your business loses short. By Dr Julia Elizabeth Sloan, artist owner and 

Certified Accountant. J.S. 1999 Yes NYC schools have some accelerated programs

having had graduated from Art and Design HS studyingadvanced freelance

artwork contracting I went straight into law school and had my J.S. since the age

of 19, and reminding some insidious people on the street it is a criminal offense to

say otherwise.

So there I was in the year 2009 paying 3 over limit fees per month to Bank of America

30/month to PayPal payments pro, and as the seller I paid all of the incoming credit card 

processibg fees. Because I was caught in a vicious cycle of debits reposting causing fees

my credit card often got an over limit fee.

I was invited and started my medical residency which I did and being informed that

as of the day the program officer stamped by start in the acedemic year long program

I was eligable to publish written content to go along with my cartoons. I applied and was

approved for a publishing account. I tried a massive launch of ringing

up a $900 ebay advertising bill, in hope of getting together some money to pay rent on my own

and move out before my mother called the marshall, but to no avail. My eBay account was

blocked from incoming sales but the associates at there offices demanded the advertising 

fee to the point they debited my Bank of America checking once every 2 weeks in between

January 2010 and May calling my banker every time demanding my account be held

overdraft. I returned any and all checks posted by eBay PayPal which they in turn held

my PayPal account negative called my with many outgoing calls sayingmy PayPal account

was reported to checxsystems which is not even possible being they were not FDIC

insured at that time. This was all taken into hind sight in leu of my graduation from medical

school that May of 2010. I was shit out of luck with paying the bill with a few dollars cash from

chess club enough to pay my coffee bill while waiting for a game andbank over limit fees.

I recieved a mail offer from Capital One. I replied and was approved for a personal checking

savings and credit card. As a good bye present to Bank of America I was mailed a check for $2,895

from Gulf States Energy Inc. I cashed the check and that along with my lump sum from my disability

case already having had reached half retirement that year as well, moved into a rental, and went out

and partied. Checking on my Bank of America account a few days later and it was negative $1,200 I called

my hombre Romell and ordered a replacement check which I deposited and spent all my money and got an

online banking email alert that Friday that I had a low ballance alert my bank was negative $2,399. Having no 

other way to make that much money by the weekend, I went to Atlantic City and returned and deposited $100

cash into the Bank of America ATM.I repeated this routine several days in a row until Bank of America

disabled my ATM card from making any future deposits for security pruposes. I called the Better Business

Bureau and filed a comaint on there website that Bank of America escrowed my check and endangered my

life not allowing me to put my cash into the bank. The  BBB requested I sign to obtain a warrant to access 

my now closed account and put me in a conference call with there CEO's which concluded with several

arrests being made at Bank of America corporate offices and at the conslusion of the call I wad told 

"Like we say at Bank of America, Keep the change." Being this was only %28 of the over limit fees I had

paid in between 2006-2010 totalling over $6,000 this bank was officially busted.

I continued about my business at Capital One and noticed a number of improvements. I no longer got

over limit fees to checking while I did still get a credit card fee for being over my limit only because they

granted me an extension to my credit line which had to be repaid by the end of the month which

subsequently caused a fee I quickly tiled internally with my bank to have the credit card supervisor 

reprimanded and canceled my extended line of credit. 

I noticed other improvements such as being switched from a Visa logo to Mastercard, all of the

merchants trying to automatically bill my card were no longer able to get through. As an extra security

measure I left my bank credit card maxed out while I chugged out $100-200 payments per month and

paid down all of my debt.

Allthough what you may learn in debt management class is the opposite being that I was on half retirement

disability my primary concern was keeping my phone line and mail box clear of debt collectors 

and gave extra props to my 2 hombres Romell Cuevas and Roger Bautista for not informing me of the best news

until last that the interest rate on negative banks and merchant accounts is 0.00 I also paid back every

bill for every item recieved through the federal post office although all of my orderedstuff was paid

up front except for Columbia House which I no longer use having Amazon Prime.

In 2010 I also signed up and cut my phone's bill down to 0.00 transered my 

super cool computer  company phone number 347-451-1154 which has been my asset ever since

I won the HBO marketing raffel at the Bryant Park film festival in the summer of 2000 and later

transfered to me as my property while I was broadening my publishing skills at New Horizons

Graduate Learning Center to S.U.N.Y. in 2007 where my number remains ported to this day. I still

pay a small fee to Sprint but only $30/ mo for unlimited 4G data and financing for a phone but

contracts are a thing of the past.

Being notified as of 2015 by my doctor I am permanently and totally disabled I was able to file and

cancel my federal student loans which was my entire Bachelors Degree bill of $25,000 left with only.

As an alternative to PayPal I opened and created a account for a accepting payments

but the buyer now pays the %2.3 - 2.9 + 30 cents transaction fee. Although I can order a merchant account

through my bank when I so choose, chess club is primarily cash and only accepting debit

card or check,  and my main areas of sales being digital products on Amazon, Audible and iTunes, I am equiped

for all of the credit card sales.

As for how much it did cost me to make my product line I graduated Art and Design HS in NYC, went to 

Cooper Union for 2 years, was awarded a Bachelors of Fine Art.

My banker stopped me at my local branch this morning and asked me where Bank of America stands

on there advertising and I replied they kept there word about interest free checking. 

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With some help with the people at Union Square Park I got a 1099-E for a notice of canceled debt from Bank of America this 2/15/2016.

I have not reported it yet because it says Peter and my taxes say Julia so I may have no way to but time will tell.

Another problem with my LT 84242/09 case making it denied was besides a LT summons cannot be generated

for single family ocupancies over 200/ cubes ( as the local cop likes to say cubes for cubic feet )

also without a tax bill past due mine being only $218 was below the minimum criteria,

and last but not least because I have a High School Diploma, as I have shown off in many

publications mine has a gold seal which the criteria for Art and Design High School includes an Art regents,

and I must have sucsesfully set up a business at the park in order to get Bill Thompson's signature.

To think the party going through the back end of doctor's office and taxes at the same time was my sister Ingrid

who lives at the property in question now covered by the case number LT 84242/ 09 

This 2/5/2016 at the Marriage Bureau the same Honorable judge that gave me the paper saying I am the owner in LT 84242/ 09

gave me another paper this year except once again my paper of ownership was with held.

Fans and readers, here is the confidential part of the case that is getting the opposing party tied in knots


I got my mothers pro sey litigator speaking as well as my sister along the lines of SUNY Purchase is not a conservatory,

and surprisingly enough with a court house staff willing to lend a kind ear.

Taking into account that if I showed my diploma from Bill Thompson a very esteemed commissioner,

and considering how the case went my mother and sister nearly wen to jail anyway with me with holding my

H. S. Diploma and Taxes just stating

My main consideration was because my LT 84242/ 09 court hearing with the Honorable Judge Marton was 12/2009 

while her 66th birth date to star Social Security Benefits was not until 1/27/2010 I plead with the court not to arrest her

for the primary reason being that mortgage company banks don't like excuses for why moma went to jail

before her retirement benefits including her pension started. The officer assured me that everything would be OK but it

just one of those things....

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CEO.   Our 2008 ad on CraigsList  Web Designer for hire $15 per hour  Web Designer certified as a Microsoft Office Specialist and an IT Technician certified by CompTIA. Starting with a basic html website, deciding on a navigation scheme, adding text, a logo and images, incorporating flash graphics, possibly a flash intro page, if needed cgi and JavaScript forms, contact emails navigation links, blog configuration, email marketing manager service to recommend and also I have templates of short descriptions for basic pages like ' home ' ' about us' ' who we are ' ' what we do ''contac us' also access to royalty free clip art for incorporating images. Over My last three weeks I made one site for a massage therapist, one site for a post production company whom had a flash designer that quit and needed quick updates to there site and also a logo design for financial service, and graphics for custom business cards and I have a good business card service I refer to for orders. If you would need a business card I can reference to the best printer service I know of that takes orders online, and can make custom logos formatted for business card size. Also for musicians I do album covers in PNG and PDF format, t-shirt design for silk screen t-shirts in transparent Photoshop format and transparent PNG format, and last but not least flyers for advertising campaigns in word format or flattened as a bmp image.

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