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Sample: 9/11 Re-Investigated

Sample: NY Chess

Sample: Troubleshoot PCs

Sample: How to Draw the Face

Sample: HTML Programming

Sample: The Classical Portrait Part 1: Drawing

Sample: The Classical Portrait Part 2: Painting

Sample: Julia Sloan Ensañe Kitty Campbell

Sample: Perspective Drawings

Sample: Where is the Action?

Sample: EIN Korn or Gold

Sample: Insane Magazine

Sample: My Alf Tames File Julia Sosowalalallabean Comes In Time To Save The Day As Usual


Sample: The Cooper Years


About Dr Julia Elizabeth Sloan

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Sample: Siete Punto Siete Madre Siete Part 1 of 7

Sample: Siete Punto Siete Madre Siete: Part 2 of 7

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Donate for my traveling expenses for my chess tournament carear that I will be a player. My annual schedule reads 1. US Masters 2. National Open 3. Foxwoods Open
4. Vegas Chess Festival 5. World Open 6. NYS Championship

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Drawing Dinosaur Bones With Color Pencil: Based On A Selection Of Bones From My Local Museum

2022 awarded a WFM by the International Chess Federation

Playing at the US Womens Open 2022 just days after

I was featured by NewYorkNico on Instagram!!!

View my professional profile as an IT on

My CompTIA A+ cert as a PDF
My CompTIA Network+ cert as a PDF
My CompTIA IT Operations Specialist cert as a PDF

In this month of April 2022 I broke the 5 million barrier for impressions to my book on How to Make Perspective Drawings.

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If everyone clicks in a few dollars my goal is $120,000 for one year playing chess tournaments when this COVID-19 plague ends.

My last campaign which was pre COVID-19 at the Femenina Continental Ajedrez21 Tourneo

Final results show me mid field. Everyone else playing displayed there full name and surname, two for 1st, 2 more for last,
it was the conclusion of a high vote that I resume with the last name 'Aravena', add in my wifes 'Campbell' for the reason


Thank you fans and readers.

A special thanks to our family, friends and fans.

Our book on 'Sloan Teaches How To Make Perspective Drawings: Based on a selection of sky lines'
We have made it to our 1,000,000 impression on this day of 9/22/2K20.

The warm season is coming to an end for our chess spot at the park. We will have limited hours after Haloween and for most the chess players, none after New Years Eve 2K21.
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How to Draw Cartoons - 1st mini films

My sister Sandra and myself at a protest in Manhattan summer 2K20.

Trans Lives Matter, #TransLivesMatter, Japanese Lives Matter, #JapaneseLivesMatter, Womens Rights Matter, #WomensRightsMatter.

The Japanese survived radiation poisioning from Hiroshima, Nagusaki and most recentely Fukushimai.

New cartoons book out. Original script by Peter Julius, 2nd edition blind web commentary by Julia and Kitty Campbell Sloan

New Book: Sloan Teaches How to Draw the Face – Blind Web Edition

by Peter Julius Sloan, Julia Elizabeth Sloan and Kitty Campbell

347-451-1154 - HTML & Graphics  by the old pro's

Over 10 years working on our position as ‘Content Providers’ at Amazon

and for the last year or 2 as ‘Product Testers’ for Amazon’s remote control

‘Echo’ product line.

A person wearing a suit and tie

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President Donald Trump as the Wickedey Witch of the West

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Yes we animate .gif’s for our hourly rate of $175/ hr. working

from my own home office only.












By the other womens agreement I take the nickname on Twitter



on Twitter for the reason I had finished all of my games in less than 5 minutes and rubbed my nose while tinking.

We where taken and back to a marriage ruling I got on my name in Spanish full form

Elizabeth Julia, Campbell Aravena . For those Sloan Fans this website will remaign open. In the USA Julia Elizabeth, Aravena Campbell

To see scores of the events...

View full cross tables as

Aguacalientes photo’s and link Campeonato Continental Femenino de Ajedrez Aguascalientes 2019

Photo of me playing during round 1 of Campeonato Continental Femenino de Ajedrez "Aguascalientes 2019"

US Chess Womens 2018 Photo and link

Yes folks thats me in the big tropical hat, 3rd to the left, front row. The tournament organizor is very proud to have my photo and I am honored that she chose mine for the show!!!

Our main page is I started this ebooks business about a decade ago. We cartoon/ author/ illustrate books, mostly draw/ paint figures/ portraits/ NY skyscrapers and coming up 'Sloan Teaches How To Draw Dinosuare Bones , At The American Museum Of Natural History' We also have a few books out on NY history.

All of our website payments are based in Amazon Payment Systems.

For an inventory of paper bound books I will just use my bank as a merchant. That way I can keep inventory close to home including contacts list development.

My rates as your designer are $175/ work in my own home $300 yours. All paychecks for my services to be paid out no later than a weekly basis via to this email address MoreChessJulia

Write back with a pay agreement, text and images you would like as an attachment as well as a $250 down payment that will hold up until we get a steady work flow.


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3. Kitty Campbell on Barnes and Noble


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